Traces exhibition

21–27 kwietnia 2015

{Tue–Mon}, 10:00–20:00

The Grotowski Institute, Rynek-Ratusz 27

Admission free

Traces, like sparks, open up spaces of memory, provoke reflection that encompasses both the past and the present.

The visible traces take us back. The traces that have been lost or erased must be found, so we can understand what happened, and then forgotten, so we can live.

Photography is a trace. It marks, and itself is the sign of disappearance.

This exhibition of photographs shows the places that witnessed the genocide of the Armenian people. The journey through them is full of sorrow as they bring back the past events not to those who departed but those who can read them.

The history of genocide is what the poet Tadeusz Różewicz called “always a fragment”. The only form it can take is the form of a fragment/trace.