Welcome to my home. Meditation about the woman in the dunes

18 September

{Sunday} Teatr Brama, Zielona Droga 9 street, Goleniów
Premiere of spectacle Welcome to my home. Meditation about woman from the dunes directed by Przemysław Błaszczak during Goleniów Theatrical Meetings Bramat.

The performance was based on the history described in the novel "The Woman in the Dunes" by Japanese writer Kobo Abe. A magical space of interaction between the characters of the book has become the inspiration for an adaptation. A story written in the sand, expressed in body language, movement and gesture. It is focused on the history of relations between man and woman, but beyond the fabular and the logical course of events. This is an experience beyond logic and relationship in its own intimate nature. The play "Welcome to my home. Meditation about the woman in the Dunes" is an attempt to put the viewer in a moment outside of time, according to the idea that space is available to us only here and now. Subtle interactions embedded in the space of stage, inspired by photographs of Shoji Ueda, also offers emotional landscape. At what exact moment the bond is born? What is the nature of the human need for closeness? For more information on the spectacle, please check festival website.