A Live Coal - workshops led by Przemysław Błaszczak

29 March - 2 April

29 March – 2 April 2017
Wed–Fri 16:00–22:00, Sat–Sun 10:00–16:00
The Grotowski Institute, Na Grobli Studio
The language of the workshop is Polish (Polish and English for international groups).

To start a fire from a live coal to heat a house, you need attention, care, focus and effort. The professional experience I have gained thus far can also be seen as a challenge – I’d like to look at it closely and put it to test, a step towards a deeper understanding of the experience or, perhaps, to leaving some of it behind. This workshop, called A Live Coal, is my first attempt to do that. Together with Karolina Brzęk and Damian Borowiec, I would also like to share our intuitions and experiences resulting from our work on the performance piece Welcome to My House.

Intensive workshop with Przemysław Błaszczak, assisted by Karolina Brzęk and Damian Borowiec

The workshop involves intense physical and vocal work and is intended for those interested in combining the physical and vocal aspects of the actor’s craft. As a new studio is currently being formed at the Institute, the workshop will also be a chance to meet with those interested in a long-term collaboration.

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