Medeas. On Getting Across in Bouffes du Nord Theatre

13-15th December

Teatr ZAR for the very first time visited the famous Bouffes Du Nord Theater. The performance Medeas. On Getting Across was presented. It has premiered during Theater Olympics in Wrocław in 2016 and is figuratively telling the story and fate of refugees trying to cross over the Mediterraean Sea to the gates of Europe.

We do not stage Euripides.

Medeas is an unbroken sequence of actors actions and installations that coalesce into a poetic vision of rejection. The musical dramaturgy is built around Arabic, Persian and Kurdish songs sung by guest singers from Cairo, Tehran and Istanbul. Their voices are surrounded and contrasted with a sea of Latin confraternities.

Medeas is a music-based performance, but words are also present. Greek poet Dimitris Dimitriadis wrote a poem/choral called I Anthropos.

We show Medea outside of time, outside of myth, exploring a problem that is both universal and urgently contemporary – emigration. We speak of the impossibility of crossing the border of ourselves, created with the line of our bodies moving between earth and sea, between continents and between people. Medea is a great figure of exile. She stands at the gates of Europe. It is not her that is rejected, it is her own death and the possibility of burying her children.

Medeas is not political theatre. It is an intimate exploration of the inner border of the experience of being rejected.

Performance by Simona Sala and Jarosław Fret

Conception, music dramaturgy, directing Jarosław Fret

Chorus Aleksandra Kotecka, Davit Baroyan, Jarosław Fret, Orest Sharakand Tomasz Wierzbowski
Singers Fatma Emara,Marjan Vahdat et Selda Őztűrk
Text Dimitris Dimitriadis

Simona Sala

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