21 03 2020

Anhelli. The Howl during Theatre Olympics in Saint Petersburg

21-22nd October

Workshops „Four Centers” during TTT2019 festival in Madrid

1-3rd October

Anhelli. The Howl in Tokyo

13-15th September

Medeas. On Getting Across in Warsaw

6 April

Presentation of Akropolis movie in Bouffes du Nord Theatre

14 December

Medeas. On Getting Across in Bouffes du Nord Theatre

13-15th December

Concert Anamnesis in Bouffes du Nord Theatre

12 December

Anhelli. Oratorio in Lviv

29 September

Anhelli. Oratorio in Rzeszów

28th September

Caesarean Section Essays on Suicide in Pszczyna

31st of May

Welcome to My House: A Meditation on ‘The Woman in the Dunes’

22-23rd May

Krapp’s Last Tape

10-11th May

Camille in Wrocław

23-24 March

Caesarean Section Essays on Suicide in India

18-20 February

Krapp's Last Tape

8-9 February

Teatr ZAR in Madrid

25 November - 3 December

A Master Class - Voice Tale

13-17 November

Asterion - Performance by Ghost Road Company

21-22 October

Workshops and work presentations of Teatr ZAR during TTT

25-28 September

Teatr ZAR at the Forest Festival in Thessaloniki

6-13 July

Medeas. On Getting Across - The performance on 7th of June canceled.

7th of June

A Live Coal,photo Karol Jarek

A Live Coal - workshops led by Przemysław Błaszczak

29 March - 2 April

Islam Pilpani, photo Magdalena Mądra

An evening of memories of Islam Eptime Pilpani

23 March

Workshops "Voice Tale" in Warsaw

18-19 March

Workshops "Voice Tale" in Kraków

11-12 February

Welcome to My House: A Meditation on ‘The Woman in the Dunes’

9-10 February

Caesarean Section in San Sebastian

18 December

Krapp's Last Tape during Interferences festival

4 December

Teatr ZAR goes to Russia

23 November

Gospels of Childhood during Theatre Olympics

11-12 November

Crack - a spectacle during Days of Mutual Respect

9 November

Medeas: On Getting Across

20 October - 9 November

Welcome to my home. Meditation about the woman in the dunes

18 September


Contradictions - workshops

10-13 August

Armine, Sister on Sibiu festival

10-11 June

Meeting the voice. VoicEncounters 2016

14-24 April 2016

Intersecting Planes - Hypotheses. Work demonstration of Teatr ZAR

10 April 2016

Ballad about the city and other mortal things

24 February 2016

CONTRᗄDICTIONS - workshops led by Matej Matejka and Ditte Berkeley

15-20 February 2016

Workshops Breath – Centre – Movement in Poznań

8-9 January 2016

Anhelli. The Calling in Iran

15-17 December 2015

Wrocław for tolerance and openness

10 December 2015

Camille in Belgrade

5 December 2015

Workshops led by Ditte Berkeley during ATA project in Wrocław

3-4 December 2015

Kamila Klamut photo Karol Jarek

Workshops and concert in Oslo

30 November – 3 December 2015

Actor's Body – An Evoked Drama in Tokyo

26-27 November 2015

Window Encounters: "Voice Tale" workshops in Szczecin

20-22 November 2015

Warsztaty Przemysława Błaszczaka w Madrycie, fot. RESAD

Workshops by Teatr ZAR in Madrid

2-4 November 2015

Concert of Kurdish songs as part of Armine, Sister project in Paris

1 November 2015

Columns. Armenian liturgical chants in Paris.

27 October 2015

Workshop by Przemysław Błaszczak in Marseille

22-25 October 2015

Dzień Uchodźcy

Presentation of Singing in Exile film as part of the Day of Solidarity with Refugees

15 October 2015

Workshops lead by Przemysław Błaszczak and Kamila Klamut as part of ATA project in Wroclaw

24-25 September 2015

Work session by Ditte Berkeley in Wrocław

22-24 September 2015

21.04.2015 - Worldwide Reading Commemorating the Centenary of the Armenian Genocide

Reading for Armenia

21 April 2015

Pustynia Mardin (fot. Magdalena Mądra)

Presentations of Armine, Sister performance in Autumn 2014

September–October 2014

Matej Matejka, Ditte Berkeley (phot. Ken Reynolds)

Caesarean Section. Essays on Suicide in Brazil

30 April – 11 May 2014

Theatre Cinema: VoicEncounters

13, 20, 27 November, 4 December 2013